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For tales between the takes.

Brendan's Blog

For tales between the takes.​

Funniest UGC of a Decade

The wave of UGC, user-generated content, has grown from surprise viral videos hitting your inbox to a non-exclusive digital commodity of our social media landscape.

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About Author

A storyteller and creative explorer, rooted in film and raised by video. Clippy was my first tutor. 

Originally from upstate New York, I spent a transformative decade immersed in the vibrant Los Angeles entertainment scene, which unexpectedly led me even further west.

As the pandemic eased, I found a job I adore, embraced by a company and leadership that champion remote work culture. In early 2023, I moved to Hawaii with my fiancée and two furry friends.

Fun Facts – I was born on July 4th as a triple water sign.