Hey there, I’m a video producer and filmmaker, living and creating in Hawaii.

Brendan Nagle is creator, manager, and digital strategist with a deep proficiency in video tailored for the social media and streaming landscapes. Currently the Social Producer at FailArmy, an internet comedy mainstay, his team’s data-driven and identity-rooted programming captivates an audience of millions. 

His past ventures include copywriting for the world’s best-selling protein bar, tagging national TV commercials, co-producing an internationally distributed feature film, and more. By cultivating a unique mix of technical prowess and creative finesse, Brendan merges leadership acumen with an innate resourcefulness to ensure projects are approached with both precision and adaptability.

Video is his passion and craft, but he is equally enthusiastic about exploring and experiencing life outdoors, providing a balance of work and play that makes Brendan a genuinely fun person to be around. He holds a Master’s degree in Broadcast & Digital Journalism from Syracuse University, a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a few seconds of screen-time “shaking it off” in one of the most watched music videos of all time.