Chase Hair (30s spot)

This fast-paced, 30-second commercial spot for Challenger Men’s Pomade injects excitement into hair care. Watch as our cool motorcyclist saves the day for two women on a windswept drive to Vegas, proving that great hair can happen anywhere – even on the edge of the Los Angeles National Forest.
Crafting an engaging narrative in a 30-second spot is no easy task, but this commercial rises to the challenge. A cutdown of the longer narrative, it distills the road trip adventure into a swift yet impactful story. With stunning visuals, swift cuts, and a surprising twist, this commercial positions Challenger Men’s Pomade as the ultimate solution for on-the-go style.
Starring Janelle Marie and Nadia Geldhenhuys
with Brendan Healy as The Challenger


Produced & Directed by Brendan Nagle
Cinematography Drew Ganyer
Droning via Keegan Snow
Production Sound Jackson Emory
Edited & Mixed by Brendan Nagle

Royalty Free Music from AudioBlocks:
“Dancing ‘Til Sunrise,” “Deep Chill,” “Far Country,” and “No More No Less.”

Additional sound effects from

Shot on location in Tujunga, CA on Black Magic Ursa MiniPro and DJI Phantom 4

© Copyright BagleVideo 2018