Funeral for a Gun

This was a deep dive into the layers of personal history and memory, featuring two leads who had only physically combatted each other in our prior short films. The unearthing of the gun, a symbolic relic of the past, served as a physical and metaphorical trigger for Kurt. Their performances brought the emotional intensity of this introspective journey to life, highlights our team’s ability to craft compelling stories about the complexity of the human condition.
Shooting Funeral For a Gun on Oscar Sunday was more than a coincidence – it was a symbolic nod to our shared ambitions in filmmaking. This venture marked our small team’s first foray into true drama, a challenge we eagerly embraced. This journey reflects the essence of our commitment to storytelling, a testament to our unwavering belief in the power of cinema to reflect and explore the human condition.

As we wrapped production under the starlit LA sky, the distant glamour of the Oscars was a poignant reminder of why we do what we do – to share stories that move, provoke, and resonate with audiences worldwide.
Starring Diana Cochran & Aaron Knudson
Directed by Brendan Nagle
Written & Produced by Brendan Nagle, Aaron Knudson & Diana Cochran
Director of Photography Drew Ganyer
Original Score – Composed & Performed by Aaron Knudson & Dylan Price

Shot on-location in Los Angeles, CA.