Star and Co-Director Ceci Haha wrote a story very close to heart, one which we knew would resonate with everyone who manages personal social media accounts.
Despite the project’s minimalistic scale and budget, the narrative hits close to home, addressing the prevalent and timely topic of social media’s impact on our lives. It was a privilege to navigate this important narrative alongside Ceci, crafting a personal piece that not only reflects societal realities but also challenges us to reconsider our digital habits.

This film stands as a reminder that compelling storytelling doesn’t necessitate grandeur but rather authenticity, resonance, and passion. It’s not always about scaling up; sometimes, it’s about delving deeper.
Written & Created by Ceci Haha:

Directed by Ceci Haha & Brendan Nagle
Cinematography by Devin Fairbank
Production Services – Aspire Media Management
Produced by Whit Taylor & Brendan Nagle
VFX & Titles by Richie LaRuffa
Original Score by Whit Taylor
Edited By Brendan Nagle

Starring Ceci Haha, David Patnaik and Sherry Mattson.

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