"You Turn Me On Like a Radio" - KayBe

“You Turn Me On Like a Radio” is a radiant exploration of KayBe’s youthful charm and dynamic sound. Featuring iconic Los Angeles locales – from the sun-soaked Santa Monica boardwalk to an electrifying rooftop performance against the LA skyline – the music video encapsulates the effervescent energy of the city and the compelling pop melody of the song.
Filmed across various LA landmarks, the backyard BBQ party showcases the camaraderie and spirit of the band, while the rooftop performance emphasizes their musical prowess. The city itself becomes a dynamic character in this music video, reflecting the band’s own excitement and optimism. With “You Turn Me On Like a Radio,” we captured the thrilling sense of limitless possibilities that define our early twenties.
Producer / Editor BRENDAN NAGLE
Cinematographer DREW GANYER