"Too Close" - KayBe

Set against the stark beauty of Lancaster, CA’s Antelope Valley at the end of poppey season, “Too Close” mirrors the vulnerability and turbulence of a fresh breakup. Even the unpredictably gusty weather of the day played a role, subtly amplifying the feelings of desolation and solitude.
This music video’s spontaneous production wasn’t without challenges. Battling against an unexpectedly windy day, we utilized slow motion to disguise the extreme weather conditions, resulting in an atmospheric and dreamlike quality that enhances the overall narrative.

The relentless winds serve as a metaphor for the turmoil and isolation that often follow a painful separation. By embracing these unexpected conditions, “Too Close” morphs into a testament of resilience and adaptability in independent filmmaking.
Directed and Edited by Brendan Nagle
Cinematography by Drew Ganyer