A high school football coach in the twilight of his career, my film school thesis. Friday Night Lights meets Varsity Blues in this short high school football film that hits you like a feature.
Screened in the Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival 2010. Produced and shot at the Rochester Institute of Technology, my film school alma mater that actually didn’t have a football team. A few years later I cropped the 16×9 master for 2.35:1 Cinemascope and trimmed some scenes that I never had the time to tighten during finals week, making Homecoming perhaps the only film that in the “Director’s Cut” actually gets shorter.
Starring Michael Dugan as Carl Connor

Co-Starring Jeff Moon, Allie Smith, and Jim Toepper, and a good chunk of the 2010 RIT student body.

Director of Photography Adam Schonberg.

Written & Directed by Brendan Nagle