"I Fall In Love" - KayBe

Experience the raw emotion and authentic sentiment as KayBe’s mesmerizing vocals intertwine with the piano’s poignant melodies. A captivating journey that explores the profound depths of love and longing. Directed with heartfelt precision, this music video is a testament to the power of simplicity in storytelling – and a stunning display of how tea candles can set the mood.
By shooting in a large studio space in downtown Los Angeles, our aim was a single-shot for the entirety. We nearly achieved it in rehearsals, but spacial limitations forced some cuts. This pivot was embraced with the middle section, dancing with dissolves, an effective change of pace that keeps it fresh and balances the video into a fully rounded journey.
Written & Performed – KayBe
Male Lead – Michael G Coleman

Director – Brendan Nagle
Cinematographer – Drew Ganyer
Steadicam Operator – Jose Figueroa-Baez

Shot on location in Downtown Los Angeles and FD Studios, January 2020