Le Sam

Le Sam is an homage to the French New Wave of cinema in the 1960’s, spoofing period classics such as Le Samouraï and Le Duolos. These films were known for minimal dialogue and “long takes,” holding on the action of the story with limited camera movement and editing. The iconic genre felt ripe for a Mel Brooks meets Naked Gun type of lampooning. French version coming soon?
Shot over multiple days between LA and Orange County, Le Sam demanded a more extensive production approach. Comedian Neel Nanda delivered an engaging, physically nuanced performance that breathed life into this mostly silent parody of a classc cinematic period.

The film’s (literal) money shot is a nod to a similar moment in “Bande à part,” a crime-drama of the French New Wave which Quientin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender named their production company after. When watching Le Sam, you may see this hard-hitting extreme close-up and think “it’s very Tarantino” and you couldn’t possibly be more right. We’re big fans!
Written & Directed by Steven Ellis
Produced & Edited by Brendan Nagle

Starring Neel Nanda as Sam

Jess Varley as Janet
Nicholas Bell as The Mechanic
Taylor Tyree as The Target
Kaia Planca as The Dog Owner
Jackson Emory as The Other Man

Production Designer Chantal Massah

Art Director Cameron Barrett

Associate Producer Austin Arsonson

Creative Consultant Bryan Ellis

Special Thanks to Jean Pierre Melville & The French New Wave

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