Mobility Camp Profile (manual)

Black Rock City’s Mobility Camp helps make Burning Man accessible to all. Catch a glimpse at the world’s only temporary city from a camp that lives for radical inclusion.
The inherent obstacles to producing a piece of sync sound content at Burning Man were a challenge. Rat Lady and Mobility Camp were a fun, whole-hearted group to profile that immediately made them elements worth facing and through the edit a rewarding, reflective experience on into the deeper nature of what “that thing in the desert” truly is about.

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“Special thanks to Rat Lady, Caroline, Rita, Murphy, Captain Billy, and the entire Mobility Camp for all of their hard work each burn.

“Free As A Bird” by Neil Brad Prevedoros
Music permission granted via StoryBlocks

Additional videography by Nate Williams and Keegan Snow.
Produced & Edited by Brendan Nagle. © BagleVideo 2019

Shot on Canon Rebel T3i, iPhone 6S and GoPro Hero7 in Black Rock City, NV at Burning Man “”Metamorphoses”” 2019.”