Surfing Lowers (4K Slow Motion)

Surf was pumping on Easter Sunday and these guys never missed a wave. Special thanks to my buddy Mark, going left in that orange Boo Crew shirt, who dropped me off by the trailhead. All shots begin again in normal speed at 30:00.
If you spot yourself in any of these clips and want the clip, let me know and I will share. I hope to be back filming there again on another big day!
All footage shot at 59.94fps on a Fuji X-T4 (not in log) using a 500mm Optika lens, occasionally with a doubler, then slowed down here to 40%. The X-T4 is a cropped sensor, so apparently it’s more of a 750mm / 1,500mm.

Featuring “Open Water” by Sirus Music via

Shot at Lower Trestles on Sunday, April 4 2021