"Daylight" - Chloe Dolandis

Chloe and I met the day before she finished a visit to Los Angeles. She had an unreleased song perfectly suited for a Malibu sunrise, so we gathered off the PCH at 5am to capture the beauty and performance for this magnificent track.
This was one of my most insightful projects, with cinematogrpaher Drew Ganyer encouraging high frame rate recording and sped-up music plyback to create the “real time slowmo” and then Chloe’s teaching of syncopation for more impactful edits.
Video Directed and Produced by Brendan Nagle
Cinematography by Drew Ganyer
Additional aerial videography by Keegan Snow
Edited by Brendan Nagle and Chloe Dolandis

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Written by Chloe Dolandis & Jason Sager; Produced by Zach Ziskin with additional production by Chloe Dolandis

Filmed in Malibu, CA with Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k and DJI Phantom 4

© Chloe Dolandis 2016