"A Walk Downtown"

Relocated from Seattle less than a week prior, Rob thought he brought the weather with him! The unusual weather provided a unique atmosphere for the video, and the reduced traffic in downtown LA allowed us to roam freely.
Despite Simms’ newcomer status in LA, he was instantly comfortable and authenticity himself in front of the camera, equally true the essence of the song. “A Walk Downtown” is a testament to the fortuitous marriage of planning and spontaneity in independent filmmaking.
Written & performed by Rob Sims.
Produced & Directed by Brendan Nagle.
Director of Photography Keegan Snow.
Producer and Talent Manager Brandon Burgess.

Special thanks to John Theroux for Seattle B-roll and freesound.org for being the internet’s best sound resource.
Additional B-roll footage from YouTube used under creative commons and fair use.

Shot on Canon Mk2 and DJI Phantom 4 in Los Angeles, CA

© Bagle Video 2018